Harry Clayton Wright, Arts Centre, Melbourne 2018

Harry Clayton Wright, Arts Centre, Melbourne 2018

For more than three years, Kate Pardey and her camera have been unintentionally creating a photographic survey of the real moments that take place amidst and around the frenetic fantasy of performance art.  

Bouncing between the Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringes since 2015 to document the experiences of the friends and performers she loves, Kate has affectionately and intimately captured life as an artist. Her uncensored access and genuine connection to the people and places of the series make it a catalogue of the instances in-between – the times when facades fall, stages are re-set, and characters once more become humans.      

Curated from a collection of more than 15,000 images, Showing Up is an insight into the hard work, silliness, camaraderie, boredom, isolation, and meaningful relationships that happen on and offstage; a glimpse of all the showing up that has to be done before the showing off can start.

World Premiere exhibition at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, 2019

At Presence, 12 Adelaide Arcade, Adelaide
Opening night is Monday 18th February 2019 5.00pm - 7.00pm, RSVP here

Twenty one signed-copies of the full set of twenty one exhibition prints are available for purchase, follow this link for more details. Sets will be printed on demand and can be picked up in Adelaide or posted.