Business Management for Photographers

…and creatives, and small business owners

After growing up in a family running a thriving retail business ( and 10 years of operating my own sustainable wedding photography business ( I now offer services, support and mentoring for other photographers and small business owners.


  • Business babysitting/virtual assistant service: Taking care of your emails, bookings, online sales, print fulfilment, album delivery and anything you need to keep the wheels in motion while you take a holiday, maternity leave or some time to focus on building your business, not working in it.

  • Emergency client problem solving and mediation: Have you had a seriously tricky question or an upset client? Let me help you diffuse the situation, get to the root of the problem and find a solution that works for both of you.

  • Website building with Squarespace

  • Domain setup, email setup and integration

  • Training in how to build and maintain your own Squarespace website

  • Website, domain, email and software troubleshooting

  • Training in how to research, improve and maintain Google search engine optimisation

  • Setup, optimisation and automation of client management systems - setup and automation of client management systems.

  • Setup of client gallery systems

  • Setup or optimisation of simple, excel based bookkeeping solutions

  • Wedding photography business workflow optimisation

  • Setup or optimisation of client questionnaires

  • Digital file management and backup system setup

  • Simplifying your pricing - how to price yourself to be a sustainable business in the longterm

  • Client communication - setup of personalised template email responses for your business

All training is offered either in person in the Adelaide CBD or over Skype, training starts at $150/hour (inc GST) and packages are available for ongoing training, larger projects and website building. You can book in a free consultation or your first session here.

Send me a message if you’d like to make a time to chat,

I’m always happy to make a time to have a short chat over the phone/Skype or in my office to see if I might be the right person to help you out with your business.

Or, if you’re sure, book a time now.

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If you’re looking for training in technical photography, studio photography or photo editing and you’re based in Adelaide then check out the Centre for Creative Photography, I’ve studied there and they’re by far the best place to study photography in South Australia.