On marriage equality // or a birthday request from Kate.

I'm going to ask a favour of you, I'm not usually one to post much about me but I've recently realised that to make a difference in our current political climate in Australian that I'm going to have to be brave. 

Image of me by the darling Sebastian Freeman, London 2017

Image of me by the darling Sebastian Freeman, London 2017

I've photographed over 150 marriages over the past 8 years, over half the weekends of my year I'm privileged to be invited to immerse myself in these celebrations of love, family, joy and commitment. Yet as it stands in Australia, as a gay woman, I am not allowed to marry. 

The postal plebiscite on gay marriage is a terrible idea for hundreds of reasons I'll not go into right now. To put it simply from my perspective it's telling me, my LGBTQI+ friends, family and especially the young folks who are struggling to figure out where they fit in the world (it has taken me 29 years to 'come out' publicly, it's not an easy road, especially today) that we're not equal to everyone else, that we don't deserve the same rights. 

You, your families and friends can simply make a difference just by voting yes. If you don't know how else to help, my request to you is simple, talk to people. Talk kindly, simply and openly. Talk to your family, your grandparents, siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, cousins, your workmates and your friends; ask them which was they'll be voting and why and then have an open conversation about it. Perhaps they have never met a gay person? Perhaps they're planning to vote no just because someone else told them they should. Perhaps they just haven't even give it any thought? Perhaps they don't know how important this ridiculous postal plebiscite is so they weren't going to vote at all? Talk about it. Lets catch up with the rest of the western world and get this thing done. 


PS. If you want one more way to help out, go and hug a gay friend and tell them they matter - we need it at the moment.